Afton Dental Discount Plan (ADDP)

Plan Highlights:

  • Afton Dental Discount Plan (ADDP) is a reduced rate (discounted) dental plan
  • No deductible, maximum or limitations
  • Plan runs a year from the date of signup
  • Patient pays discounted fees for the dental treatments, instead of paying regular fees
  • Two routine dental checkups per year are completely FREE
  • Dental savings of an average of 20% on all dental treatments
  • No need of submitting dental claims to insurance company
  • This is not a dental insurance. It's a discount dental plan.

Enrollment Cost For Discount Dental Plan:

  • Single Member: $99/year
  • Member & Spouse: $124/year
  • Member, Spouse & Children: $149/year

Few Examples Of Dental Treatment Savings:

Regular Cost
Regular Exam (Twice a year)
Teeth Cleaning (Twice a year)
Four (4) Bitewing X-rays
Three Surface Cavity Filling
Root Canal - Molar Tooth
Crown (Cap)
Deep Cleaning (Per quad)
Tooth Extraction Surgical
Partial Denture