What to expect on your emergency dental visit at our office?

Dental emergencies happen quite often than you think. Whenever dental emergency such as tooth pain, swelling, bleeding in the mouth occurs, it is very important to contact dental office as soon as possible. Emergency dental treatment will be required to alleviate dental pain, prevent infection from spreading and save the tooth. Visiting a dentist asap will increase the chances of saving a tooth.

Our Philadelphia dentist office, Afton Family Dental, has late evening and Saturday hours to fit everyone's busy schedule. We always fit emergency patients on the same day in our schedule, so please call us as soon as you experience dental emergency.

White filling,dental crown,root canal

When you come for your dental emergency appointment, we will take necessary x-rays of the concerned area and do an examination. Once determined what treatment is required, we will perform the necessary treatment if we have enough time or schedule you another appointment for the treatment. Also, dentist will prescribe you antibiotics and pain medicine as necessary.